Dating acoustic research ar3 speakers

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Dating acoustic research ar3 speakers

But we just learned that the Consumer Electronics Association has made it an "honoree" (whatever that means) for their 2009 CEA Innovations Award competition.

What if you are old-school and have a stereo instead of a new-fangled 5.1 system?

There's virtue in being in the right place at the right time.

The right place in this story was the headquarters of Acoustic Research in Boston, MA, and the right time was just a couple of weeks or so before the subject of this piece was to be shown (but not heard) at a press conference in New York.

When they are available, they command higher prices than the 3a. For one thing the 303a has ferrofluid tweeters, so they can play louder and the treble can be run at full level at high volume without significant distortion problems or chance of burn out.

Even within that short two weeks, the rot started to set in.

What I saw (and heard) in Boston on that occasion was a loudspeaker that stakes a reasonable claim on being revolutionary. The project name was The Magic Box and I was hoping that is what it might have been called when it went on sale.

Rather than put this comment in the Vintage Forum, I've opted to keep it here.

In recent years I've owned three pairs of AR-3a, the AR 303as, as well as two pairs of AR-5, a pair of AR-2ax, and a pair of AR-4x.

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The Magic Box does, after all, conjure up an image of something a little special, and it's also easy to remember.

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