Leo man dating a pisces woman

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Leo man dating a pisces woman

It is incredible how two signs that represent love, can be so wrong for each other.

Leo will seem like a brute, caring selfishly about their own needs, incapable of forming an intimate relationship with anyone, let alone Pisces.

The main problem of their relationship is in the fact that the sign of Leo is a sign of the fall of Pisces’ ruler, Neptune.

In a practical sense, this means that Leo will burst the bubble of Pisces and endanger their sensitivity, idealism and go against their beliefs.

In the absence of doing so, emotional drifts may arise, resulting in a dissatisfying union that isn't easy to let go.Pisces woman's attitude towards Leo man is akin to masochism: she will silently tolerate all the nuances of the Leo's behavior, his dictatorial tone, authoritarianism and pressure on her.He, convinced that he is always right, never bothers to ask for forgiveness from Pisces for his wrong doings against her.Although this is not true, it might be the obvious reality to Pisces if they end up in a relationship with Leo Partner.In return, Leo will think of Pisces as weak and unrealistic, completely separated from their own desires and the strength of their body or emotions.

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He wants nothing but the best that life has in it, and in the success of getting the same, will not hesitate to boast and show off all his prized possessions.

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