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Mary Jane: (takes off the pearl necklace) Look Morrie, our relationship is over!

How could anybody commit to a guy who sneaks off to crawl on walls? Next time you see me I might look like your last nightmare. (shoot web at Parker Parker tying him to a video camera) This is what we call service.

Mysterio: I guarantee you I'll catch Spider-Man, but I want all you bigshot media people there to record it! (disappears; a basketball appears and bounces into Jameson's hands) don't drop the ball. Spider-Man: You boneheads can't catch me,not while this suit makes me stronger and faster than you!

And if you don't, perhaps you'll live long enough to see your friends' molecules fry!

If you manage to turn off the dynamo, you'll face the full fury of Doctor Octopus.

[launches a piece of metal that breaks a fire hydrant]Your suits have battery packs that blow up if they get wet, bye bye. We've seen thousands of worlds, millions of civilisations, learned many secrets - always with but one goal above all else: to survive!

We find ’em, we take ’em as a team and we bring ’em back.

What I mean is, is he hinting at little things in the near future?

Is it Memorial Day and he’s already asking you about Fourth of July plans? Hints like this means he can picture himself with you for a while longer, which is as much as you can ask for when you’ve just been together for a short while. Is it just his doorman and the drive-thru guy at Wendy’s? But, if he’s introduced you to his bestie, his brother or even co-workers, you’re on the right track.

If he proposes things like cooking you dinner, meeting his guy friends, or taking you on dates that involve with his hobbies, he probably thinks there’s something positive between you guys. Introductions to important people in his life mean that you’re on the track to becoming an important person in his life. Pretend you’re listening to your best friend talk about her new guy when you think about your new relationship.

Look for little signs that you’re on his mind, even when you’re not together. Honestly, would you be happy that she’s finally found a good guy in the slew of wackadoos out there or worried about her getting hurt by this guy who doesn’t seem that into her?

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(launches a web from his organic suit white patch) Now to go right to the source of my troubles. We're part of a life force that has existed since the dawn of time. And now, we're sharing those secrets with Eddie Brock.

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