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Best rod for casting

The basic rod is made from either fiberglass or graphite. Fiberglass rods have a modulus of 6 to 13 million and graphite rods are from 33- to 60-million modulus (ie: IM6 has 33,000,000 and IM7 has 42,000,000).

This material is woven into what looks like sheets of cloth. A high modulus rod would be stiffer, faster, lighter and more sensitive, but will also be more brittle, much like the difference between Plexiglas and glass. A quality blank will be lightweight and engineered for a specific action.

By the time we wrapped up our test, we’d winnowed the field down by half, to include only the top five rods in each category.

In the process, the very best rods and some killer deals emerged. THE TEST Each of the following categories was worth up to 20 points, for a maximum possible score of 100: Casting We fitted each set of rods with the same, appropriately sized reel.

Cermele and I took several casts to see how they loaded up and how far they slung a given weight.

Components We thoroughly examined cork grade, reel seats, and guide frames and inserts; then we scored each rod for the quality of its hardware.

You might end up spending much money on something you may never use.

Buy It Now (c.) Whisker Seeker Chad Ferguson The new 91⁄2-foot, two-piece heavy casting model in Whisker Seeker’s Chad Ferguson Series is an absolute beast.

The rod handle can be made of many different types of materials such as wood, cork or foam.

The handle should fit your hand comfortably and still be firm enough to carry sensitivity.

Rod designers spend many hours to achieve the right action.

The rod components are equally as important as the rod blank itself.

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Next we narrowed the rods down to just five finalists per species group, and finally picked the best overall performer and the best value for each. Loomis also added an innovative new reel seat that both Cermele and I found to be comfortable and sharp-looking.