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Delphi updating tcustomadapter axctrls

The components I used to connect to the database are: object ZConnection1: TZConnection Controls Code Page = c GET_ACP UTF8Strings As Wide Field = False Connected = True Port = 3051 Database = '' User = 'test' Password = 'test' Protocol = 'firebird-2.5' Left = 96 Top = 8 end object ZQuery1: TZQuery Connection = ZConnection1 Active = True SQL. I'm not going to show you what I'm doing, or give you any information to use to try and demonstrate it. You've posted no code showing how you're interacting with the database to change it, so it's impossible to answer why the other clients aren't seeing the changes. Every database connection has its own transaction, and any changes it makes are invisible to anyone else (Isolated) until they Commit (finalize) the transaction.

Strings = ( 'select * from "test"') Params = This question has the same problem as your previous ones. Depending on the transactions' isolation settings, they may remain invisible to other users even after that, if they have an ongoing transaction, until they commit transaction and begin a new one.

All of the functions are going well but when a user is editing the database from the program, the other user cannot see the content immediately.

The other user needs to close the program and reopen it for the data to appear and its be updated with those changes form the other computers. :-) But you need to post the relevant code, not the code from every single form in your application, and reduce the code to the part that retrieves data from the database and populates the grid and the code that edits the data, and nothing more. Specifically, you're having trouble with the Consistency and the Isolation, which ensure that an external viewer never sees an update before it's finished, even if that update contains more than one change.

I said Google and end up on SO since it's one of the first hits. Call Repaint to force the control to repaint its image immediately.

If the Control Style property includes cs Opaque, the control paints itself directly.

I am using Delphi 7 for this and Zeos Lib to access my Firebird database. How is the grid getting the data (a table or a query)? (The classic example is a bank transfer, which requires subtracting money from one account and adding it to another.

And find information that in late version, for example in 10.5.9 this problem has gone.

Use Update to provide immediate feedback to the user that cannot wait for the Windows paint message to arrive.

Update does not invalidate the control, but simply forces a repaint of any regions that have already been invalidated.

After one thread gets the result for the current row in its column, it calls this procedure. It's a visual component, and as such is not thread safe.

You cannot access VCL components from a thread without using Synchronize or Queue, which means all updates happen in the context of the main thread.

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